One day not so long ago I was participating in a battery sales and product training workshop. A portion of the workshop was set aside for one on one, speed battery selling sessions. In one of the speed sales sessions the senior sales managers sold me his battery using weight as the leading differentiator over the competition. Essentially his whole sales pitch was “buy my battery because it is heavier than the competitors battery and its cheaper” …. “You get more for less he said.

The speed selling exercise continued and each time weight and price lead the way as the primary differentiators between the battery I was being sold and the competitors. Don’t get me wrong, every once in a while, the color of the battery was held out as a competitive advantage and of course the never-ending offer of longer and longer warranty versus the competition. Primarily “my warranty is longer than the warranty offered by your current supplier”, so buy my battery!

At no time could any of the salesmen tell me why their battery was heavier and why this additional weight was better for my vehicle than the competitors battery.

The whole exercise bothered me and when one of the newest and youngest of the sales professionals tried to sell me his battery using this same old, tired, and frankly mistaken approach I had had enough. It seemed that the days of knowledge based sales and service delivered by sales professionals eager to provide educated solutions to customer’s needs had completely disappeared.

Since the dawn of time, “REALLY”, since before the Flintstones roamed the earth with the dinosaurs – man has been using technology to improve the performance, life, ease of use and the overall productivity of our products. You never saw Fred bragging to his neighbor Barny Rubble that his round stone tires were better than Barnies because they were heavier. Everything you can think of has over timed improved because of advancements in technology, and for most items and materials this has meant they have also gotten lighter as well as better in quality. Vehicles, telephones, shoes, luggage, airplanes, tires, appliances, mattresses, clothing… pretty much everything you can think of has gotten better and lighter! In the case of batteries there have been a number of mechanical (grid, separator, case, cover and terminal) and electrochemical (lead alloys, oxide additives and electrolyte) enhancements that have led to improvements in battery performance and life with large improvements in active material efficiencies … essentially more performance and life from less of the worlds limited raw materials and resources … and yes this means batteries that are not only better in quality and performance than years gone by but that are also lighter and cheaper in inflation adjusted costs.

Almost since forever, the industry has been completely focused on improvements in battery technology that would provide better performance, life and over value while at the same time meeting Original Equipment Manufacturers demands for component weight reductions to support their need for reduced overall vehicle weights and improved battery life. Technology has been the driving force behind pretty much all of humanities progress. No one would try to sell you a 1980’s twenty pound (10Kg) cellular phone now days by telling you heavier is better … and no “informed well trained professional” battery sales person would attempt to sell their automotive batteries based on weight! Every historical improvement in battery technology, battery performance and battery life has been gained through improvements in materials utilization… essentially getting more out of less! More power, more sustained capacity and more life from less and better managed raw materials!

Discover and Discover Mixtech sales professionals are trained to be able to educate customers on how we continue to innovate and commercialize TECHNOLOGIES that allow us to improve battery performance and life. The number one challenge for the lead acid battery industry is eliminating acid stratification. ACID STRATIFICATION is the leading cause of “ALL” unequal material utilization in todays flooded lead acid batteries. This unequal activity across the battery’s plates prematurely reduces the batteries cranking ability, its available reserve capacity and eventually its useful life. That’s bad, and we are using “technology” to fix that!
Discover’s award winning 360° acid mixing technology eliminates acid stratification and more than doubles the active material utilization (life) of any flooded lead acid battery chemistry by eliminating this acid build-up … Improved material utilization is another way of saying we get more and higher sustained performance and life out of the same amount of active material than batteries that do not use advanced TECHNOLOGY as countermeasures to the negative results of acid stratification.