Trojan Flooded

Trojan Battery Company leads the charge in deep cycle battery manufacturing across the world. Built with proprietary technology in a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, Trojan’s years of experience has allowed them to engineer a robust battery to perform daily for the most demanding applications.

Superior battery life and performance

The Trojan Maxguard is an advanced design separator that increases battery life and performance. Multi-rib geometry keeps the acid channels open longer, reducing risk of stratification and enhancing the electrochemical processing. Rubber-based material formulation inhibits antimony transfer between positive grids to the negative plates, while thick glass mat backing retains positive active material and reduces shedding. Maxguard reduces end-of-charge current to less than half of that required by other types of separators.

Engineered for strength

Alpha Plus Paste is a high-density formulation engineered for strengthened structural bond and enhanced electrochemical processing. Porosity development is optimised for better usage of active material, providing sustained performance. Dynel fibre maintains structural integrity, while a 72-hour curing process fortifies the interlocking crystal structure, holding the active material for longer and reduces shedding.

Market-leading grid technology

The optimised grid configuration enhances current flow through the grid network, while thicker grids reinforce frame strength and reduce overall corrosion. Exceptional structural adhesion between the Alpha Plus paste and grid frame ensures overall integrity for sustained performance.


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