Trojan Motive

Trojan AGM PRO Batteries last up to three times longer and maintain high performance and capacity under extreme deep-cycling, partial charging, and tough conditions.

  • Offers up to three times the cycle life of typical AGM batteries, confirmed at 1,200 cycles at full Depth of Discharge
  • Performs reliably in extreme temperatures and conditions, from -20°C to 50°C
  • Demonstrates the ability to endure and bounce back from partial state of charge scenarios
  • Constructed to withstand industrial and commercial vibrations, maintaining power and prolonging service life
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Deltec ELiVATE Lithium

Made with industry-leading deep cycle LiFePO4 cylindrical cells and heavy duty ABS casing, these bold new batteries are a powerhouse with equally powerful protection.

  • Longer life with a large number of charge/discharge cycles
  • Roughly half the weight of lead-acid equivalent
  • High energy density to help you go further
  • Internal Battery Management System (BMS) to keep cells healthy
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Deltec Lead Carbon AGM

Deltec lead carbon AGM Series is the top choice for various applications, specifically designed for high-end machinery with advanced electronics. These batteries surpass industry requirements, ensuring unparalleled performance and reliability for all power needs.

  • Robust performance in both high and low temperature environments
  • Exceptional charge absorption capacity
  • High cyclic life
  • Low maintenance and no watering required
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Deltec AGM

Deltec AGM Series is the primary choice for all leisure vehicles, no matter the application or terrain. They are specially designed to meet and even exceed the requirements of high-end vehicles that are heavily equipped with advanced electronic devices and accessories.

  • Heavier plates for consistent power delivery
  • Vibration-resistant design
  • Exceptional performance in c20 cyclic applications
  • Designed to withstand Australia’s harsh conditions
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Trojan Lithium

Trojan GC2 Lithium batteries are engineered for safety and performance, delivering faster charge times and longer runtimes with virtually zero required maintenance.

  • Long runtime, less downtime, built to make it through the toughest of routes on a single charge
  • Compatible with leading charger brands
  • 2-3X the lifetime of flooded lead acid batteries
  • Opportunity charging, charge up while on a break without damaging the batteries
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Deltec Ultra Series

The Ultra series batteries are unrivaled for modern vehicles. Regardless of choosing UMF, EFB, or AGM Ultra Series, rest assured these batteries surpass high-end vehicle requirements for advanced electronics and accessories.

  • Premium Pb (99.9%) and Advanced Ca/Ca alloy.
  • Quick charge/Smart Care technology
  • Calcium+ - a highly pure, advanced lead-calcium-tin alloy technology
  • High Durability Plate Technology increase durability
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From the leading X-Frame technology, to the carefully selected chemistry and components, Deltec batteries are designed to deliver performance when it’s needed most.

  • Ideal for Cars and Hybrids
  • High cranking power
  • Longer shelf life
  • Made for Australian conditions
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Discover’s range of batteries provide high integrity and reliability for commercial, industrial and private applications.

  • VLRA & Dry Cell for motive power, caravans & marine
  • Gel Cell Traction batteries for industrial applications
  • Lithium batteries for solar & storage (Lithium Blue & AES LiFePO4)
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Delta Q industrial battery chargers are built for durability, reliability and efficient charging performance.

  • Purpose-built, optimised charging
  • Satisfies strict specifications
  • Designed to deliver
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Trojan Flooded

Trojan is considered the worldwide leader in deep cycle batteries, comprising some of the most advanced technologies and materials in the industry.

  • Ideal for golf carts and floor cleaning machines
  • Superior battery life and performance
  • Engineered for strength
  • Market-leading grid technology
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