Trojan Deep Cycle Batteries

Trojan Battery Company is the worldwide leader in deep cycle battery manufacturing. With industry leading research and development centres, strong global OEM alliances and a sizeable international distribution network, Trojan is always charging forward.

Founded in 1925 and soon after advancing battery capabilities with the invention of the electric golf car battery for the Autoette vehicle, introducing mobilization to the game of golf and opening opportunities for the expansion of the golf car industry.

Trojan’s years of experience and success has allowed them to engineer a battery to perform daily for the most demanding equipment in deep cycle applications. This experience, paired with a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant allows Trojan to produce a high grade, robust battery that can be used in many harsh applications, be it marine, aerial work platforms, floor scrubbers or alternative energy storage.

Built with proprietary technology, Trojan deep cycle batteries are comprised of some of the most advanced technologies and materials in the industry, giving them a strong lead in the deep cycle industry and allowing them to outperform the competition.

Trojan Maxguard

  • Advanced design separator increases battery life and performance.
  • Protects against premature battery failure.
  • Multi-rib geometry keeps the acid channels open longer, reducing risk of stratification and enhancing the electrochemical processing.
  • Rubber-based material formulation inhibits antimony transfer between positive grids to the negative plates.
  • Thick glass mat backing retains positive active material and reduces shedding.
  • Reduces end-of-charge current to less than half of that required by other types of separators.

Alpha Plus Paste

  • High density paste formulation engineered for strengthened structural bond and enhanced electrochemical processing.
  • Optimizes porosity development for enhanced active material utilization and sustained performance.
  • Dynel fibre maintains structural integrity, holding active material in place for longer
  • Interlocking crystal structure reduces shedding.
  • 72-hour curing process fortifies interlocking crystal structure, holding the active material for longer

Grid Technology

  • Thicker grids reinforce frame strength and reduce overall corrosion.
  • Optimized grid configuration enhances current flow through the grid network.
  • Exceptional structural adhesion between the Alpha Plus paste and grid frame.


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Trojan Warranty

February, 2021