DELTEC ELiVATE Lithium Now Stocked by The Power Source

TPS are now stocking DELTEC ELiVATE Lithium batteries.

TPS are now stocking DELTEC ELiVATE Lithium batteries. Built from the ground up with cutting-edge battery technology, ELiVATE Lithium Batteries are a premium power source designed to supercharge your on-road and off-road adventures.

The very best raw materials are sourced to ensure from the ground up, only the best A-grade cells are manufactured. Certified and tested to the highest international standards, with strict quality control during every step of the manufacturing process, they are robust, reliable, and ready for the ride!



  • Longer life with a large number of charge/discharge cycles
  • Roughly half the weight of lead-acid equivalent
  • Rapid charging for reduced downtime
  • Thermal-resistant technology to handle harsh weather conditions
  • High energy density to help you go further Internal Battery Management System (BMS) to keep cells healthy and balanced
  • Bluetooth connectivity for quick and easy insight into your battery status
  • Low self-discharge rate ensures a long shelf life
  • Environmentally friendly chemistry
  • UN38.3, UL1642 + more certified
  • 5-year limited warranty
  • Industry-leading LiFePO4 A-grade cylindrical cells
  • Heavy-duty ABS casing


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