The Power Source at 2023 ISSA Cleaning & Hygiene Expo

Pushing Innovation and OEM Support

The recently concluded 2023 ISSA Cleaning & Hygiene Expo became a pivotal platform for The Power Source, where the team capitalized on numerous opportunities, solidifying their position as key supporters of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) floor machine manufacturers.

One of the primary highlights of the event was the focused drive towards enhancing brand awareness and fortifying their status as market leaders. Supported by industry stalwarts like Peter Elmes from Discover Battery and Mark Ray from Trojan Battery, The Power Source showcased its commitment to fostering innovation and reliability in power solutions.

The expo resonated with the dominance of autonomous machines, especially those powered by lithium batteries.

However, it wasn’t solely about lithium advancements. The unveiling of the Deltec Lead Carbon AGM added a new dimension to their range, promising versatility and performance.

Beyond the product showcases, the expo provided a rich environment for networking and fostering relationships. The Power Source team engaged in productive meetings with both existing and prospective customers, emphasizing their commitment to tailored solutions and customer-centric strategies.